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Strengthening our communities, together.

Happening Now

Jan 2024 – Oxford County Warden Marcus Ryan and Co-Chair Sarah Hamulecki spoke about next steps for Safe and Well Oxford on Rogers TV “What’s Up Oxford.” Watch the interview

Safe and well Oxford communities start with you.

From September 2020 to June 2021, our entire county engaged in an initiative, mandated by the Province of Ontario, to develop a Community Safety & Well-being Plan for municipalities across Oxford. The goal of the plan development was to help address priority risks, such as mental and physical health, housing and addictions, with proactive, integrated strategies for children, youth, adults, older adults and families who live, work and participate in our communities.
That plan is now complete!

Read the Plan

See who contributed and was consulted

Safe & Well Oxford truly reflects the multitude of diverse voices the committee heard from and sets out the plan for how government, service providers, residents and businesses can work together to address the root causes of the most complex social issues Oxford communities face.

These plan appendices outline the diversity and depth of the consultation process.

Oxford County Service Providers and Agencies

Tables, Committees and Strategies Mapping Document